Rape- The Death of a Modern Educated Society

Posted: March 25, 2013 in catalogue



Durga Puja, Saraswati Puja,Kali Puja and the list goes on for the festivals of India which are solely dedicated to the worship of various goddesses. Every man and woman bow their heads in deference to the idol placed in the centre of the ‘pandal’. But does celebrating the festival means worshipping the goddess for just one special day and insulting her incarnations for the rest of the days? Where have we lost our sanity when we become numb on seeing a gory body writhing in pain in the mid of a busy street? Apart from being another interesting story for the media persons and the onset of a new blame-game for the politicians, it does not really bother the Indian minds. Even after 66 glorious years of independence, the Indian woman is struggling to make a safe hideout for herself. The bold steps and incessant efforts of Gandhiji and Raja Ram Mohan Roy for safeguarding the rights of women seem to be going in vain. The more these people dreamt of building a gender equal society, the more its plunging deep in the well of ignorance. Today we are living in an era where at one side people are debating about the women reservation bill and on the other side women of all ages are becoming the victims of the suddenly turned barbaric society. I fail to understand why we women have to take our steps in caution and stay in our ‘limits’ when the perpetrators are roaming freely. Is this the kind of ‘RamRajya’ we were supposed to live in where criminals do not show any repentance after committing the crime rather the victims are pushed through interminable mental trauma? Now, the whole country is agonizing over the heinous gang-rape of a 23-year old medical student in Delhi and gathering together to bring justice to the soul who fought for her breaths in the hospital but finally had to lose her life. An incident where the culprits must be mentally challenged to be able to first gang-rape her and then insert an iron rod tearing her important organs because I don’t think that this whole act can be considered anyway as a display of their masculinity and strength. But this is not the only horrendous rape case reported in the country. To name a few we have Kunan Poshpora, Thangjam Manorama and Aruna Shanbaug who are still waiting for their share of justice and may be there are few other culprits planning to bring out a new set of victims. We are always waiting for these incidents to take place and then react on them for a while and then go back to our homes waiting for the next one to happen. Why can’t we just take some immediate strong steps to eradicate rapes once and for all from our society and not let a second Kunan or Aruna come into picture? In the world’s largest democracy which claims for being Of the People, By the People, For the People, women are not able to take a single nap in peace. Indian women in this 21st century do not feel safe inside the four walls of their homes, let alone the streets. News channels or social networking sites are easily comparing between different states of the countries for the number of rape cases counted in the last five years or so and states are showing pride if it has a lower count than the other. Nobody is actually interested in making rape count a zilch for the whole nation so that no woman has to think twice before stepping out of her room.

 What is wrong?

 In this waking hour we are not leaving any stones unturned in pointing fingers towards the System and the poor governance of the ruling party. I agree that there are loopholes in our system but are we also performing our duties as country’s citizens? There are so many rules and laws implemented in the country but not even 50% of the population abides by them. A simple example can be the signboard that we most often come across in any monument or public place “Do not spit here” or “Do not write anything on the walls” but we would find no better place than those to do the forbidden things. Now government cannot send its servants in all these places to check on the people. It’s our self consciousness which should get triggered to analyse the situation and act accordingly. The root of these problems lies somewhere deep inside our minds. We go to schools and colleges just to achieve a degree. The knowledge imparted stays back in pages of the books rather than being a part of our lifestyle. When we can see even the educated lot unwantedly touching a woman and harassing her than I don’t think it will be correct for us to say that the root cause is illiteracy. Had illiteracy been the sole reason of the alarmingly rising rates of rape, then it would have been restricted to only villages whereas it is becoming a more popular trend in big cities and towns. Women also face harassment and sexual abuse in her workplace and her voice is subdued because of various societal reasons. Why always a woman has to become the victim of the taunts of the society? Even after going through the trauma of rape, woman has to face physical and mental torture for the rest of the days of her survival. The whole society recognizes her face, ignores her and nobody wants to accept her as a life partner whereas nobody talks about the rapists. The rapist might be even leading a normal happy life with wife and kids in some corner of the world. Aren’t we making the life of the rapist easier in this way?

Motherhood is the most special gift to woman by God but it soon turns into a curse when her womb nurtures a baby girl. She is forced to abort the new life so that the family can maintain their so called ‘status’ in the society. The most disappointing thing is that it is mostly the grandmother or other elderly ladies of the household who takes the decision. If a woman only denies to help another woman then how can we expect the males to be just in this situation. If everyone starts seeking boys then they should also teach their growing boys to stay alone for the rest of their lives and not think of carrying forward their lineage as in that case it will not take longer for the females to vanish completely from the society. In a little way we can see the consequences of female infanticide in few northern Indian states where people are literally buying poor young girls from other female populated states for their sons. They should understand that when there will be no females around then these adult males will definitely jump into unwanted rapes to vent out their sexual frustration thereby leading a new trend for the other males around. Sometimes even if the mother takes courage in bringing out the baby girl to this world the behaviour in the household will make the little one realize her worth in the house. She would see her brother getting the bigger share of food, going to good schools, his mistakes being forgiven and getting new clothes and toys in every occasion. These habits more than impacting the girl child impacts the boy child. He starts believing that he is the prince of his house and he can do anything he wants. His mistakes will be overlooked by other people in the house and that the girls are born to obey their orders and if girls don’t then they have full rights to harass her. And we all know that things which we learn from observing in our childhood days remain with us till our life ends. Moreover, why girls are not let to wear clothes of their choices, go to any place they want or come back home late at night? When we are no harm to anyone in society, these restrictions should not be imposed on us. The criminals are put behind the bars when they are found guilty for a crime so that they do not wander and prey for new victims. So if we apply the same rule, then the male population should be put into restrictions as because of few goons only the world is becoming unsafe for the other half of the population. Also if coming late at home and clothes are to be considered factors for luring rapists then why a father or a close uncle takes advantage of a 2 month old daughter or a teenage niece? There is no scope of security left in that society where the protector himself tries to become the destroyer.

What can be done?

 Well, so many people have already come up with their suggestions so as a woman citizen of India I would like to put forth my views on what can be done to eradicate rape from our country. Giving capital punishment or life imprisonment to the guilty is entirely in the hands of the government. It is a debate on something which needs to be done after the crime has already been committed but I will put more emphasis on the precautions that can be taken for avoiding this horrific crime, as we all know “Precaution is better than cure”. As discussed above values are imbibed in a child from his first school-his home. If a boy gets to see equal treatment between him and his sister then he will never have the idea of male dominion and also the girl child will not remain a meek creature. Apart from parents at home, teachers at school should also hold special value driven classes where they should conduct activities between boys and girls to show that Indian society gives equal importance to both the gender and no one is superior to the other. The boys should be taught girls are not objects to be touched without their consent. Also for girl students schools should start compulsory self-defense classes (Karate, Kung-Fu, Taekwondo, etc.) to boost up their self confidence and prepare them for any unwanted situations. These classes should also have sessions which will teach them to distinguish between a bad touch and a good touch and give them the courage to raise their voices against any discomfort faced. Both teachers and parents should lend their ears to their daughter’s voice and just not try to suppress them if they complain about any weird physical experience. It should be a combine effort of both the school and home to instill a good citizen in a child.

From government point of view they should ensure full security to the protector who tries to lend a helping hand to the victim. Everyone’s life is precious in this country so if the government wants our help in giving witnesses and statements without being a victim ourselves then it should also guarantee for our and our families’ safe lives. A country can only bring justice to its ground if both the ruler and people are ready to work together unselfishly for the betterment. So, as a dutiful citizen of Indian let all of us make a New Year resolution to help each other in making India a safer place for our mothers, daughters and sisters.

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  1. Akhilesh says:

    Values drive human beings or else we are also animals….imbibe the right values in yourself and things will fall inplace.

  2. kajaldola says:

    Awesome title of this post and the post too. All the best

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